The Experience Matters

Your Experience Matters:

We are firm believers in relationships. We listen. We form lasting, respectful relationships with our clients and our event teams creating open partnerships that thrive and excel. Your experience with e=mc² events will start with a smile and end with a hug (if you like that).

Our Experience Matters:

We have a vast base of experienced industry professionals working with us within our walls (and outside our walls). In using a collaborative approach in strategy, design, technology and innovation we make use of all our teams diverse experience. We also tap into our local and international resources to ensure you receive the most exceptional product possible. We love what we do. Our experience with our clients and event partners will start with a smile and end with a hug (because we like that).

Their Experience Matters:

Regardless of the type of event, the guest matters. Their experience from the first touch point to the last detail is the driving force behind what we do. There is a science to creating real experiences that live on in the memories of people forever and we strive to perfect it! Trust us, guest’s hugs are the best!

Quote from the Whizbang Room
"There is no concept out there so sacred that it isn't worth giving a twist to."   

Jonathan Adler