e=mc² events is an award-winning company with a proven track record that delivers world-class event and conference services to corporate, non-profit or social organizations. All events, regardless of their scope or size, receive the high standards of quality, attention to detail and seamless service, on which e=mc² has built its reputation.

The creative proposal and budget development process starts to shape the event that is ultimately based upon the client’s objectives and vision. e=mc² will oversee the logistical planning, supplier management and coordination of all elements with fiscal responsibility. On site, e=mc² oversees the implementation of all elements to bring the vision to life. The completion of each project, a debrief report and financial summary is provided.

From initial proposal to project conclusion, clients can count on e=mc² to provide the best experience, using proven, award-winning methods.

Our services include:


  • Creative concept and event design
  • Venue selection and liaison
  • Logistics management and detailed execution
  • Décor coordination
  • Supplier management
  • Technical direction
  • Program direction and script development
  • Food and beverage management
  • Production stage management
  • Transportation coordination
  • Volunteer/Staff Management
  • Entertainment management
  • Print and Marketing collateral coordination
  • Registration management
  • Event risk management
  • On-site execution
  • Financial management and accounting records
  • Detailed project summary


  • Project Management
  • Strategic Conference/Event Program Design
  • Budget Development and Financial Management
  • Supplier & Venue Negotiations
  • Speaker Coordination
  • Exhibition/Trade Show Management
  • Programming and Agenda Development
  • Promotion and Printing Services
  • Sign Design and Printing
  • Technical & Staging Coordination
  • Social Program Development & Coordination
  • Tour and Transportation Services
  • Accommodation & Housing Management
  • On-site Logistics
  • Pre-Registration and On-site Registration Coordination
  • Conference Survey Management and Reporting
  • Post Conference Reporting and Recommendations
  • Abstract Management

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